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All MetaMedia sites are quick to load

MetaMedia Group is a design and consulting firm that believes in the Internet. Subscribing to the fundamental that the Internet favors the free and open exchange of information, all of our sites harness the one characteristic that makes the Internet unique among media—interactivity.

One of the most powerful benefits of the Internet is the ability for the audience to immediately provide feedback to the web site owner. Our programmming helps our clients understand what their audience wants and needs, and helps them better serve their customers.

Quick to load

The running joke is to call the graphic interface of the Internet the "World Wide Wait." However, through the use of good, clean design, compressed graphics and the use of "white space," all sites designed by MetaMedia Group pop up quickly and give the viewer something to look at immediately.

This philosophy of fast-loading sites is indicative of how MetaMedia Group both understands and caters to the Internet audience. Through our years of experience dealing with both Internet design and culture, our sites are noted for being easy to use, aesthetically-pleasing and full of information desired by the target audience.

Highly Interactive



Turn-Key Horse Sites




The interaction between an audience member and a web site is oft-times ignored by designers. The interactivity between a human and a web site is what makes a site both popular and useful, and a site that is crafted to keep this relationship paramount is the successful site.

Whether through interactive programming such as threads or posting of stories, or simply through an understanding of how to parse out information into an interface, MetaMedia Group sites are highly interactive. Even if you are not looking for feedback from your audience, a MetaMedia Group web site is designed to be a "click-fest" to keep the consumer of information coming back for more.

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