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MetaMedia Group's program keeps your information current

The Internet is revolutionizing the way the horse world works, and MetaMedia Group can help you quickly gain a high-profile presence in this medium.

From The Daily Racing Form's StableMail, to the on-line stallion directories of the Blood-Horse and Thoroughbred Times, to on-line sales catologues from Keeneland and other sales companies, decision makers are increasingly turning to the Internet for up-to-date information.

Capitalizing on the ability of the Internet to deliver current information, MetaMedia's Turn-Key Horse Site program is designed to help you leverage this medium to increase profitability.

For a single price, MetaMedia Group will develop programming for your specific operation, allowing you or your staff to keep your web site fresh and current with up-to-date information as soon as it becomes available. And our programming is so easy to use, if you know how to type, you'll know how to update your site.

Understanding black-type

Through our experience in Internet publishing in the Thoroughbred business, our programmers are familiar with the necessities of formatting text in specific ways to convey specific messages.

Since 1995, we have been dealing with the challenges that HTML, the programmming language of the web, presents to the Thoroughbred industry. Preserving our philosophy of never requiring a user to load a special program to view one of our web sites has resulted in the best publishing programming available to the Thoroughbred industry.

MetaMedia Group's Turn-Key Horse Site program enables your staff to make sure that when a horse wins, that information can be immediately conveyed onto your web site with proper formatting.

The beauty of the horse

Our design team knows the beauty of the horse

The best web sites are both informative and aesthetically pleasing, and our award-winning design team has been accomplishing that feat in the Thoroughbred business longer than any other firm catering to the industry.

Our web sites designed for the equine publishing industry have been hailed as both the most beautiful and the easiest to use on the web, and we bring those same skills to your site to keep clients and potential clients coming back for more.

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions offered by other companies, our sites are designed to work on any web browser on any platform. A person using Safari on an Apple will get the same look as one with Internet Explorer on a PC. MetaMedia Group web sites are designed to make sure no audience is missed.

Truly turn-key

The single biggest impediment to organizations getting involved in Internet publishing is the fear of over commitment. There are many stories of companies building a web site for an low initial fee, only to see the bills mount each time the web site needs to be updated. With MetaMedia Group's Turn-Key Horse Site program, you or your staff are the ones doing the updating, and you are in control of your own site on a daily, or even hourly basis.







With MetaMedia Group's Turn-Key Horse Site program, you know your costs up front. We provide complete support for our programming, and there are no hidden costs. Call Brian Malloy today at 812-606-0226 to discuss how this program can be tailored to your needs, or email him at:

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