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MetaMedia Group is in the business of providing solutions to help non-technical people build and maintain their own web sites.

MetaMedia Group brings together a unique collection of experience and talent to help our clients create and maintain a presence on the Internet to accomplish their own goals.

Through special Publish! programming, our clients keep their web sites current and fresh, without having to learn complicated code or pay high bills to someone else to maintain their web sites.

Easy to use interface works on any web browser

Our knowledge of the latest programming and developments in Internet culture ensures our clients' web sites maximize the potential of the World Wide Web without losing touch of the fact that people are on the other side of the interface.

Please follow the links above to explore more about our company and the solutions we can provide your business. Or call us today at 812-606-0226 for a more personalized introduction.

Turn-Key Horse Sites

With our experience in Thoroughbred breeding, racing and Internet publishing, MetaMedia Group now offers a program tailored for those in the Thoroughbred business to quickly build and maintain a robust presence on the Internet. Follow this link for a more detailed description of this exciting new program.

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